About Us

A world of scents that will connect you with the magical world of luxury

Chez Pierre is a family business that has been operating since 1994.

We are engaged in production toilet preparations, and since 1996 we have been in constant cooperation with our partner from France who allows us to constantly follow the latest trends in the world of fragrances and cosmetics. Our company deals primarily with aroma cosmetics and in addition takes great care of the wishes of our customers.

The palette of fragrant notes that we are able to offer you contains over 150 men and women's fragrances that are inspired by world famous brands.

We do not work like others, we offer you to customize the perfume to your character and desires. When creating Chez Pierre, we were guided by this:

  • That the raw materials we import be with a health certificate
  • That our products are with natural raw materials, and we only put preservatives carefully, where it is most necessary in order to ensure the consistency and quality of the product

Our mission is customer to get special service, highest quality products for affordable price. We understand what customers want and we act like we are in their “feet”, which means fast response time, seize/lost packages cover, and every customs problem solution.

Our goal in 2021 will be to develop new products but, we are currently planning that every customer can request sample bottles of perfumes that they want to try free of charge. This is still a plan, but we are working to accomplish it by February 2021.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help you out

Much love,


Website: https://shop.chezpierre.rs/

Whatsapp: +38163414753

Instagram: chezperfume

Email: Chezpierreorder@gmail.com

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