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1:4 is like Eau de perfume that you can find in the store. Its recommended ratio for the first time. You should spray 3 times with this ratio.

1:3 is a bit stronger than the 1:4 ratio. It's a little stronger than Eau de perfume, so if you like smelling a little stronger, this option is the best for you. You should spray 2-3 times with this ratio.

1:2 is a lot stronger than previous options. If perfumes never really stayed on your skin really long or you like extremely strong smells, well you are in the right place. You should spray 2 times with this ratio.

Oh you are experienced one? 1:1 is half eau de toilette and half pure perfume essential oil. If you are a first time buyer, I would not recommend this option due to the strongness of the ratio. This ratio is recommended for people that like extremely strong smells and had problems with perfume longevity before. With this ratio, you should spray 1-2 times.

Eau the perfume
Very strong
Extremly strong

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